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Glass Wall Vitrage

Glass Wall Vitrage is a partition system made from glass and using silicone glazing the aesthetic benefits are clear. This uses a minimum number of aluminium framing sections, Vitrage can divide your office and allows open views while still maintaining private offices.

The Vitrage Glass Wall system can use 10mm or 12mm toughened glass, this depends the height of partitioning required, glazing is achieved with the use of standard Tenon crystal clear glazing gaskets that remove the need for use of silicone around the perimeter of the system. The Vertical joints are held together with silicone this maintains the visual simplicity of the product, the crystal clear plastic jointing sections may be used to provide dry joints between glass panels.

We use frameless doors to maintain the open frame less appearance and are fitted within the system using floor pivot, patch fittings, floor springs & sliding door gear. If standard timber veneered doors are required these are accommodated within standard Tenon Fire & Sound 77mm doorframe profiles, which are compatible with Vitrage sections.

The Vitrage system can be provided as a single or double glazed system or a mixture of both.


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